20 Taps
We've got your draft!

When you are looking for the right craft to end the day or celebrate with a friend, we have you covered. Come by and check our selection and see what is on our 20 taps in the daily updated menu below. 

Also, we have a huge selection of by the can beer, wine and spirits in our local market, available to go. 

Lift Your Spirits

Thanks to the Whiskey Rebellion, Pittsburgh is home to a number of great distillers who we feature every day.  Come by and sip some the best neat, on the rocks or part of one of featured drinks.

Wine for Any
Occasion and Moment

Our wide-selection of vintages spans the globe and highlights what is made in our region so you can match flavors to the meal and moment. Check out the listing below by clicking on the Clubhouse Wine tab.  You will certainly find something great.