Many Ways to Be Part of the Club!

CADENCE+CLUBHOUSE has three ways you can be part of the club as we offer opportinities to share the love and garner some CADENCE+ perks and fashion.


Whether you want to keep a stash of coffee at your fingertips or share some good food  and fun with others, CADENCE+ gift cards are ideal for sharing and carrying to your next CADENCE+event or lunch. They are rechargable and thus you can refill for more refreshment, caffeine or a splash of local wine.

Gift a Beer with a CADENCE+ Beer Chip

CADENCE+ Beer Chip will let your fellow beer lover know you appreciate them and their taste in beer.  Order yours online!


For those wanting the best tasting brew to satisfy you daily need for caffeine, the CADENCE COFFEE CLUB is your key to never running out of java that is carefully roasted locally.  Sign up for your subscription today with the help of our baristas or go online and join!

Your Passport to Craft (Coming Soon)

CADENCE+ Passport card is your ticket to some of the finest local drafts that are featured at the CLUBHOUSE.  There are new regionally sourced brews every week and when you hit your 20th unique draft, you passion for beer is honored with some CADENCE+ fashion. Participation in the premium program is free, just get your card and have each beer you taste get logged on to the Passport.

World of Wine and Spirits at CADENCE+CLUBHOUSE (Coming Soon)

For those who favor vintages or spirits, CADENCE+CLUBHOUSE offers great perks for sampling the region's greatest wines and distilled whiskeys. Keep track of your tasting and you will be rewarded with tasteful CADENCE+ swag that says you know the best beverages found in western Pennsylvania.